Practical Tiling Tips

  • Make sure you have enough tiles to finish the job before starting to tile.
  • Plan your layout. Avoid small or narrow cuts where possible. The Tile Centre offers a tile cutting service at minimal cost or you may hire one of their tile cutters.
  • Make sure you are tiling onto a rigid surface that is flat, dry and dust free. We recommend that Timber floors require oversheeting with cement fibre board before tiling.
  • Ensure that wet areas are waterproofed before tiling. Tiles & grout are not waterproof by themselves, they are designed to protect the waterproof surface below them.
  • Check tiles before installation for size and colour and quality. No claims are recognized after fixing.
  • Keep your receipt for future reference as it will have all the details if you ever need them.
  • Keep spares for any future repairs. If you have spares, tiles are very easy to repair. Tiles are like wallpaper and it is an extremely good idea to always save some spare tiles.
  • You will notice that some tiles are different to other. Colour variation is a feature of the tile and it is a good idea to work form different boxes of tile to ensure a natural blend of colour.
  • Read instructions on all adhesives, grouts, sealers & other items before starting. Ask your retailer questions if you have any doubts.
  • Silicone corners and where tiles meet skirting and other materials to allow for any movement and temperature contractions and expansions.
  • Clean any glue or grout off tiles before it dries.
  • Stay off tiles until glue/grout has properly dried.

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Happy tiling from the Tile Centre