Wall Tiling

Prepare the surface to be tiled by making sure the surface to be tiled is flat and free of grease and dust. Fill any holes and cracks, and remove any loose paint or wallpaper. In areas subject to moisture especially showers, use a waterproofing membrane to seal walls before tiling. Tiles and grout alone are not 100% waterproof.

Getting the first row of tiles level and in the right position is most important, as this will determine where all the other tiles are placed. Tilers normally start from the centre of a wall with either a tile or grout joint placed on the centre line whichever will give you the largest piece of tile when you reach the corner. It is important to check your levels.

Spread adhesive with a notched trowel and bed tiles firmly into adhesive. Fix full tiles first starting at the bottom making sure the 1st row is level, then plan and cut any part tiles to be fitted afterwards. Allow adhesive to dry before grouting. Use a flexible silicone in the corners or where tiles meet another material instead of grout.

If you would like a copy please call in at 6 Nith Street or email us at; info@4tiles.co.nz

Happy tiling from the Tile Centre